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About RCN Capital

RCN Capital is a national, direct, private lender. Established in 2010, RCN provides short-term and long-term commercial loans ranging from $50,000 to $2.5 million for the purchase or refinance of non-owner-occupied residential and commercial properties, financing of renovation projects and bridge funding.

RCN Capital lends to experienced real estate professionals, investors and contractors throughout the country. As a direct private lender, RCN takes a common-sense approach to underwriting, with all approvals made in-house, and a dedication to providing a quick response to time-sensitive loans.

RCN Capital offers speed that is unmatched by conventional lenders and can close in as few as 10 business days. Referrals are valued and brokers are protected. For more information on RCN Capital or its loan programs, visit the company website at www.RCNCapital.com.

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RCN Capital At-a-Glance

Fix-and-Flip Financing

The After-Repair Value loan program provides financing for purchase and renovation costs for investment properties, ensuring sufficient funding for any rehab project.

Short-Term Rental Financing

The Buy-to-Rent loan program provides short-term bridge financing that gives investors time to decide what to do with their investment property.

Long-Term Rental Financing

The long-term rental loan program offers low, fixed rates and a 30-year term to ensure clients have true long-term options.

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Top Products and Services

Increased regulations in the banking industry have restricted conventional financing options for investors in fast-moving and competitive real estate markets. RCN Capital caters to the needs of these real estate investors throughout the U.S. by offering time-sensitive short-term and long-term loan programs for non-owner occupied residential properties. RCN Capital understands that time is everything in this industry which is why it offers the funding that investors need, when they need.


Featured Products


After Repair Value (ARV) Loan Program
Term: 12 Months
Loan amount: $50k to $2.5M
Minimum property value: $75k
Rates: Starting at 7.99%
LTV: Up to 75% of ARV
LTC (loan-to-cost): Up to 85% of purchase price + 100% of rehab costs
Minimum FICO: 600
Property types: Non-owner-occupied residential 1-4 units; condos; townhomes; 5+ unit apartments; mixed-use properties
No pre-pay penalty

Buy-to-Rent Loan Program
Term: 24 months with 6-month extension option
Loan amount: $50k to $2.5M
Minimum property value: $75k
Rates: Starting at 8.49%
LTV for purchase: Up to 75% of as-is value
LTV for refinance: Up to 70%
LTV for cash-out: Up to 65%
Property types: non-owner-occupied residential 1-4 units; condos; townhomes; 5+ unit apartments; mixed-use properties
Pre-pay penalty: 5% prior to month six
Minimum FICO: 660

Long-Term Rental Loan Program
Term: 30 Years
Loan amount: $75k to $1M
Minimum property value: $100k
Rates: Starting at 5.99%
LTV for purchase: Up to 80% of as-is value
LTV for refinance: Up to 75%
LTV for cash-out: Up to 70%
Property types: Non-owner-occupied residential 1-4 Units; condos; townhomes; planned unit developments (PUD)
Pre-pay penalty: Year one: 3% of loan balance; Year two: 2% of loan balance; Year three: 1% of loan balance
Minimum FICO: 660

Pros of RCN Capital

One of RCN Capital’s biggest strengths is its commitment to providing clients with the highest level of customer service. Whether a client is closing one loan or a hundred loans, they are assigned a dedicated loan officer that serves as their direct point of contact from intake through closing for every deal. RCN has a highly responsive team of professionals who take the time to get to know their clients and use that insight to build lasting partnerships.

RCN Capital offers a seamless origination process for all clients with its online application and customer portal. Using the RCN portal, clients can submit deals, track the status of their loans, upload documents and much more with ease.

RCN Capital’s loan programs were designed to cater to its customers’ unique real estate investing strategies. Whether they are looking to buy, fix, and sell properties quickly or purchase properties to hold as long-term rentals, RCN Capital has the programs to get them the funding they need, when they need it.


Our Customers Do Great Work

Learn more about the projects our customers have been able to complete utilizing a loan from RCN Capital.

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Meet the RCN Capital Team

RCN Capital’s dedicated team is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of customer service.

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Cons of RCN Capital

As a private lender specializing in loans for real estate investors, RCN Capital only funds loans on non-owner-occupied properties. Also, although RCN Capital offers some of the most competitive terms in the space compared to other private lenders, when compared to conventional bank financing, its rates are sometimes higher than rates for traditional mortgages.

Points of Comparison

RCN Capital’s diverse product offerings, low rates and high leverage gives it a distinct advantage over competitors. Combine this with RCN’s customer-focused origination process and nationwide reach and it’s easy to see why RCN Capital stands out from the competition.

RCN Capital believes in the importance of transparency with its products and process. RCN’s program guidelines are clearly outlined and can be discussed with a loan officer at any time. RCN also firmly believes in not charging junk fees throughout the origination process, so there are no application, processing, or underwriting fees on RCN Capital loans.

RCN Capital displays tireless commitment to its customers by providing a seamless process from application to closing with clear communication and quick closings. RCN believes in providing the best customer experience, so clients come back time and time again.

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Want to learn more about RCN Capital? It’s easy! Just visit their company profile page to view borrower reviews, review offered loan types, and so much more!

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Overall Rating

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Types of Loans Offered

Purchase, Refinance, Fixed Rate, Private/Hard Money, Apartments

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