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Ask a Lender, LLC, (“Ask a Lender,” “we,” or “us”) is a limited liability corporation organized under the laws of the State of Washington. We operate a website known as, which provides an open marketplace online where we may match borrowers’ loan requests and lenders’ loan programs, and offer methods for borrowers to contact and communicate with lenders.

Ask A Lender is not a lender or broker, financial institution or otherwise a provider of loans of any type. We do not take mortgage or other loan applications, nor do we arrange loans. Ask a Lender and is advertiser supported. Following are disclosures concerning the scope of advertising on

We provide potential borrowers with lender contact information, free of cost. It is free for borrowers to be matched with lenders. Borrowers can contact lenders regarding loan requests at no cost. However, once a borrower begins the formal loan application process with a lender, fees may be charged by that lender.

We solicit banks, non-depository lenders, credit unions, private lenders, loan originators, and other institutional lenders and their employees (“lenders” or “you”) to appear on our website’s Profile Pages, Lender Search Results Pages and blogs to give potential borrowers access to loan programs, contact information and industry knowledge.

Search results are driven by matching the criteria lenders enter to the loan request information potential borrowers enter. Searches use proprietary software and algorithms. Paid advertising does not influence the appearance or frequency of a particular lender in any search results. Every data point entered by the borrower must match every data point in your loan program and profile in order for you to appear in the results. Once the loan request and the criteria match, then paid and nonpaid enhancements, if any, are applied to enhance that lender’s appearance in the results. The criteria for the ranking formula is proprietary to Ask a Lender, and may be changed, augmented or eliminated at the sole discretion of Ask a Lender.

We may not include all available lenders or all loan types on

Lender and Professional Enhancements

Ask a Lender offers lender and professional enhancements, which include paid and nonpaid opportunities to impact where and how your profiles and appearance on "Meet the Best of" lists appear on our website.

Nonpaid Enhancements

Once a lender or professinal logs in to the site, he or she may submit blogs to us. Ask a Lender curates high-quality blog posts and may tag them as “Recommended.”

Borrowers can post a review of an experience with a lender. Lenders can send emails to borrowers asking them to submit reviews.

Verified Results

The “Verified” moniker is a paid enhancement that appears on your lender profile and in the search results. The verified purchase elevates you in the search results because spending is part of the formula that determines rank in results. You must first qualify for the label. “Verified” has no meaning beyond this generality.

Buy-Up Results

Ask a Lender offers paid advertising that places a lender in a buy-up spot that is closer to the top of the search results. Lenders in a buy-up spot are verified. Buy-up results will be associated with the loan type or purpose and the state(s) where it is offered. Purchased buy ups will be added to the verified spending (if any) and the nonpaid enhancement (if any) formula to arrive at placement in the results. All lenders who purchase a buy-up position agree to be verified according to Ask a Lender standards for that loan program. The lender may choose whether to display the verified moniker on his or her profile.

Guaranteed Ranking

Lenders may also purchase guaranteed ranking, which is paid advertising that places lenders in a guaranteed spot in results, such as first, second and third in results for a loan type or purpose with the state(s) where it is offered. All lenders who purchase guaranteed ranking agree to be verified according to Ask a Lender standards for that loan program.

Company Reviews

Ask a Lender may receive financial compensation from advertising partners to publish Company Reviews. Company Reviews are based on information submitted by advertisers.

"Meet the Best of" Lists

Ask a Lender may compile lists of individuals and/or companies and post them on the website. The individuals and/or companies may purchase enhancements to their appearance in the list, such as a link to the individual’s and/or company’s profile, a distinctive label and the like.

Lenders and professionals may receive information about any or all of our paid enhancements from our sales department. Send sales an email.

Ask a Lender is not a lender in any transaction and receives no revenue based on whether any particular loan resulting from contact made through Ask a Lender is completed. We may provide the venue through which information is obtained, however the lender is solely responsible for its decisions and services provided to the borrower; and borrowers are responsible for their decisions and requests for services regarding lenders. Loans may or may not be offered based on the consumer’s particular financial situation and lender criteria, a decision that is solely made by the lender. Not all borrowers who find a lender match on Ask a Lender will qualify for a loan.

Ask a Lender explicitly disclaims any warranty, express or implied, including without limitation of any kind the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement, alleged to arise from use of our website and/or the content therein because our services are provided “As Is.”

You are welcome to ask for more information by email.

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