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Want to appear above your competitors? You have options.

Borrowers use our lender search to find the lenders that can best fund the loans they need. Because many loan scenarios yield numerous search results, it is advantageous to be among the first lenders displayed in the search results. So, how can you ensure you’re one of the top lenders?

There are three primary ways to ensure your position among the top profiles borrowers see.


Verified profiles appear above non-verified profiles.

Buy Up

Spend more to rank higher in search results.

Guaranteed Ranking

Covet the No. 1 spot? Purchase a guaranteed ranking and you’ll be No. 1 no matter what.


Getting verified shows borrowers that you’ve been vetted by a reliable, independent third party. When borrowers see the Verified logo on your profile, they’ll be confident you can help them fund their loans — even when these loans are for niche products or out-of-the-box scenarios. Getting verified is an easy, affordable way to appear above all non-verified lenders in search results.

Buy Up

You’ve gotten verified, and you appear above all the lenders that haven’t. Now, how do you move up the ranks of verified lenders in the search results? The answer is simple: buy up.

By buying up — increasing your ad spend — you can climb the top of the search results by outspending other lenders. As lenders spend more, your rank may change — if someone outspends you and soars above you in the rankings, all you have to do is outspend them and reclaim your spot. Or, to rise above the fray completely, you can purchase a guaranteed ranking.

Guaranteed Ranking

Everyone wants to be No. 1, right? By purchasing a guaranteed ranking, you can ensure you’re No. 1 — or No. 2, or No. 3. Whichever spot you want, you can get. Guaranteed rankings are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s crucial to claim a top spot before your competition.

When borrowers search for lenders, they instinctively start at the top of the search results and work their way down. All they have to do is click a button to request rate quotes from the top three results. You can ensure you’re one of the default options with a guaranteed ranking. Securing a spot among the top three results gives you a huge competitive advantage — the leads will practically flood your inbox.

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