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Make your company name and credibility stand out with a "Verified" logo

Lending is a business built on trust. To stand out as a trustworthy lender, you must demonstrate to borrowers that you have been vetted by a reliable, independent third party. That’s why getting verified through Ask a Lender is an easy, affordable way to establish credibility and show borrowers you can reliably fund loans.


Give Yourself Instant Credibility

Build Trust

The Verified logo lets borrowers know you’ve been vetted.

Appear Above the Rest

Verified lenders appear above non-verified lenders in search results.

Display Verified Loan Types

Your profile will include a list of loan products for which you’ve been verified.

Boost Your Marketing Affordably

Having the Verified logo can be used as an entry-level marketing tool. It’s easy and affordable.

Build Trust

Once you decide to get verified, Ask a Lender takes steps to ensure you actually fund the loan types you say you fund. When you contact us, we will walk you through our verification process. When borrowers see the Verified logo on your profile, they’ll be confident you can help them fund their loans — even when these loans are for niche products or out-of-the-box scenarios.

Appear Above the Rest

The first step to rising above the competition on Ask a Lender is becoming verified. All verified lenders are displayed above non-verified lenders in search results. It’s an easy, affordable way to boost your visibility and reach more potential borrowers.

Display Verified Loans

When you get verified, your Ask a Lender profile will include a list of your verified loan types. Borrowers will be able to click on your profile and instantly see which loans you’re ready to fund.

Boost Your Marketing Affordably

There are many ways to be successful on Ask a Lender, but it all starts with getting verified. It’s the most affordable way to boost your visibility and is the first step to success on our platform.

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Getting verified is easy. Contact our sales department and we'll be happy to walk you through the simple process.

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