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What Is Ask a Lender?

Ask a Lender is a unique online platform that uses a powerful lender-matching technology to connect borrowers with lenders across a variety of loan types. Ask a Lender also provides financial information that helps people make informed borrowing decisions. There is no cost for lenders or borrowers to be part of Ask a Lender.

Ask a Lender is open to all loan professionals and companies. If you’re a direct lender, loan officer or broker, you can join and enter your loan programs to receive free leads. If you’re not in the loan business, like a real estate agent or financial adviser, see how we can help other industry professionals.


If you’re looking for quality leads, this is it! I have gone through countless lead-gen companies, and they don’t even come close to the quality of leads I am getting from Ask a Lender. The staff is also very responsive. It’s a must have if you’re looking to get paid and grow your business.”

Daniel Lotter, President/Owner, Hybrid Lending Group

How Ask a Lender Works

Ask a Lender offers various lender searches that connect borrowers with lenders. Here’s how it works.

  1. You complete your profile and enter your loan programs.
  2. Borrowers search loan programs.
  3. If you’re a match, you appear in search results.
  4. Borrowers pick lenders to request rate quotes.
  5. You get quality leads, for free.

Ways to Receive Leads



Borrowers can search on Ask a Lender, and request a rate quote from selected lenders and brokers. If you’re selected, you’ll get the borrower’s name, email address and phone number. You also get all the details of the borrower’s loan scenario.


Search results display your phone number — your direct phone number that you choose to enter. Ask a Lender doesn’t charge you for calls or route your leads through a phone system. Borrowers can call you directly.


Borrowers can click through to your profile, and even favorite it for future reference. They can visit your website, call or email you or connect with you on social media.

Create a profile today and get FREE leads!

4 Reasons You Should Be on Ask a Lender

Step 1

Enter for Free

Create a profile and appear in lender search results without paying a penny.

It is free to join, complete your profile, enter your loan programs and publish blog posts. There are no hidden costs or charges, even when a borrower — or 100 borrowers — contacts you through Ask a Lender. Borrowers access and use Ask a Lender for free, too.

Ask a Lender offers two types of lender profiles:
View an example of Individual Profile
View an example of Company Profile

Step 2

Get Quality Leads

Connect with prequalified borrowers who meet your loan requirements.

Your time is precious, spend it with borrowers who are likely to close. Ask a Lender offers unique searches that match borrowers and loan programs accurately, which saves everyone’s time and effort.

Ask a Lender is different from other lead generators. The core difference is in how detailed loans programs are entered and searched. It allows you to enter the specific underwriting guidelines for each of your loan programs. It also offers borrowers the opportunity to use advanced search, in addition to basic search. The result? Better qualified leads than what you get from any other lead generator.

Compare Lead Generators

Step 3

Beat the Competition

Rank higher in lender search results and stand out from competitors.

Become Verified
Establish credibility and show borrowers you can reliably fund loans. It’s also a way to boost your visibility in search results, because all verified lenders and brokers appear higher than non-verified ones. Learn More

Rank Higher
You also can get a boost in the rankings by buying up — increasing your ad spend — or by purchasing guaranteed ranking, ensuring you’re the first loan professional borrowers see when they search for your loan scenario. Learn More

Step 4

Build Your Brand

Polish your brand with a complete profile, quality blog posts, and borrower reviews.

Writing a blog post elevates your profile in search results, and if your post gets recommended, you get an additional boost in the rankings. Writing high-quality blog posts also can help you show up organically in results of search engines, such as Google. Learn More

How Ask a Lender Is Unique

Ask a Lender

  • Leads match your specific loan programs
  • Borrowers initiate contact with you
  • Transparent conversion practices
  • Powerful lender-matching technology
  • You receive quality leads, for free

Other Lead Generators

  • Leads match generic
  • Borrowers are inundated with unwelcome calls
  • Misleading conversion practices
  • Outdated capture-and-sell model
  • You pay for calls, clicks, leads or impressions

What to Expect From Ask a Lender


Perfect Timing

Ask a Lender provides a wealth of relevant loan information to people while they are actively researching borrowing options. It also offers borrowers a user-friendly way to find brokers and lenders and get the best rate on a loan. This is the perfect timing for you to connect with these leads because they are ready to select a lender and get a loan.


Pressure-Free Approach

Borrowers can choose to communicate with brokers and lenders through Ask a Lender or independently. What does that mean? Borrowers initiate the selection and communication with lenders, brokers, and other professionals. If you’re selected, borrowers can contact you through Ask a Lender or by phone or using the information you provide in your profile.


Loyal Following

The variety of loan types on Ask a Lender means people are more likely to return to Ask a Lender for various loans across their lifetime and recommend it to others. Being on Ask a Lender helps you target this loyal audience and draw on our brand credibility.

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