What’s Best Mortgage Lenders?

Want to know who are the top loan officers in your state? Check back here in April 2018

Ask a Lender is gearing up to present Best Mortgage Lenders 2017 — the rankings of the top-performing mortgage loan officers in every state.

The rankings measure the success of mortgage professionals based on the number of loans they closed in the calendar year of 2017. There is a minimum of 100 home loans to be considered. Ask a Lender partners with Scotsman Guide Media to verify the accuracy of each and every submission. It is free for mortgage professionals to enter. The submission period is Jan. 3-31.

Because location matters when it comes to real estate, Ask a Lender will present Best Mortgage Lenders by state. Stay tuned to see the top-performing mortgage professionals in your state.

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Key Dates

Entry period: Jan. 3-31, 2018
Release date: April 1, 2018

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