Multifamily (5+ Units) Real Estate Articles

Hunt Mortgage’s Besharaty: Small-balance lending reaches underserved markets
March 19, 2018

Mark Besharaty, director of small balance lending at Hunt Mortgage Group, spoke with Ask a Lender about the state of small-balance lending and the role Fannie and Freddie play in making small-balance multifamily loans accessible in rural and underserved areas.

Consider adding electric vehicle charging stations to your multifamily property
January 22, 2018

Electric vehicles are expected to be more affordable than conventional-fuel vehicles by 2025. Should you lead the charge now, and install electric vehicle charging stations at your multifamily property?

How to finance a large-scale, mixed-use property
December 12, 2017

Mixed-use properties often include residential units but are usually financed with commercial mortgages through banks, alternative lenders and government-loan programs.

What is commercial PACE financing?
November 28, 2017

Commercial PACE financing helps commercial real estate owners improve the energy efficiency of their property. Learn how municipal C-PACE programs work.

Investing in senior housing: types of facilities
September 28, 2017

Senior housing can make a strong commercial real estate investment. Understand the four types of facilities and their risks, opportunities and regulations.

5 questions for the smart senior housing investor
September 28, 2017

Senior housing can be a lucrative investment — if done right. These five questions will get you started on making a wise investment in this complex market.

How to finance multifamily senior housing facilities
September 27, 2017

Lenders abound in the senior housing market, but underwriting criteria is strict and complex. Discover which options make sense for your investment.

Senior housing is a tough, yet rewarding market
September 27, 2017

Senior housing is a tough market to enter into, but the effort can be rewarding – and lucrative. Here are the basics breaking into this specialized housing market.

Finding the perfect tenant requires smart vetting
September 27, 2017

Rental businesses can be successful if landlords vet tenants properly. Follow these steps to help you find the right people to lease your apartment space.

How to refinance a multifamily property
September 27, 2017

Refinancing a multifamily mortgage can save you money in interest. Just be sure to weigh the costs of taking out a new loan against the potential savings.

How an apartment loan differs from a home loan
September 27, 2017

What are the differences between multifamily loans are and home loans? Five is the magic number. Learn why.