Investment Property Loans Articles

Suburban infill provides new strategies for home flippers
June 19, 2018

Home renovation specialists doing fix-and-flips are having trouble finding investment properties they can flip successfully. Many are turning to tear downs where they buy old homes, demo them and build new houses on the newly vacant property.

How pros choose a fix and flip property
May 17, 2018

Flipping homes for profit is easier than you think if you know how to do it. See what professional investors look for in a property when deciding whether it’s suitable for a fix-and-flip.

Cost effective fix and flip repairs
May 15, 2018

If you plan to fix-and-flip a home, you must be judicious when choosing a property. Here are three repairs that provide a good return on your investment — and three potential money pits to avoid.

Find hot investment-property opportunities
April 27, 2018

Investment-property owners should know investment-loan options and market dynamics for purchasing a rental property, which is a high-demand part of the housing market.

The home-flipping market is on a roller coaster ride
March 23, 2018

A strong home sellers’ market means fix-and-flippers can quickly sell homes to turn a quick profit. Tight property inventories present buying challenges, however.

Consider the legal implications before buying a vacation rental
March 17, 2018

If you’re thinking of investing in a vacation rental, don’t go into your investment blind. Here are important legal issues to consider before investing your money.

How to avoid trouble with hard-money lenders
March 17, 2018

Hard money can help a residential property investor, whether you need funds for new construction or renovations, but you should formulate an exit strategy.

How to finance small-scale investment properties
March 17, 2018

Residential properties of up to four units can be good investments, but beginners should select the right location by analyzing cash flow and comparing lenders.

Complete guide to investing in vacation rentals
March 17, 2018

The vacation rental industry is blowing up with sites like Airbnb and HomeAway changing the game. Here is a guide for first-time vacation rental investors to help purchase a property and successfully market it to turn a profit.

Hard money 101: A financing option for real estate investors
January 31, 2018

Investors seeking financing can turn to hard money loans. Hard money is often easy to obtain and quick to fund, but there are disadvantages as well. Understand the basics and how to qualify for a hard money loan to finance your real estate investment deal.

How to get financing for a single-family rental property
January 26, 2018

You want to invest in a a single-family house to rent. How do you finance it? Here are four essential steps to help you secure financing for a rental property to get you on the path as a real estate investor.