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How to find down payment assistance in California
By Steven Wyble, Ask a Lender, June 21, 2018

Down payment assistance programs in California abound. Here are the programs you need to know about to get a mortgage in California with no money down — whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or not.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner: Stop living paycheck to paycheck
By Will McDermott, Ask a Lender, June 15, 2018

Personal-finance guru, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, spoke with Ask a Lender to offer budgeting tips for first-time homebuyers looking to save enough money for a down payment on their dream home.

100% home mortgage loan financing options are great!
By Corey Vandenberg, May 24, 2018

It’s worth looking into your next home mortgage loan at 100% financing! ​

Tips To Increase Your Credit Score Quickly
By Rose Matchett, May 21, 2018   |  Updated: May 21, 2018

Quick Tips To Increase Your Credit Scores And Prepare For Homebuying

Rising home prices forcing more buyers into jumbo loans
By Victor Whitman, Ask a Lender, May 21, 2018

Read the latest news on jumbo loans, which are becoming increasingly necessary for home purchases in high-priced U.S. cities. Luckily, for consumers, down payments on these extra-large home mortgages are decreasing.

Yes, You should get Pre-Approved for a Jumbo loan
By Michael Fries, May 10, 2018   |  Updated: May 23, 2018

Before you go house hunting, Get Pre-Approved.

Is collateral a sure thing in mortgage lending?
By Corey Vandenberg, May 1, 2018

What might you need in this rising real estate market to put down on a home?

Find hot investment-property opportunities
By Neil Pierson, Ask a Lender, April 27, 2018

Investment-property owners should know investment-loan options and market dynamics for purchasing a rental property, which is a high-demand part of the housing market.

Three “First Steps” to Take to Prepare to Buy a Home
By Dale Walker, April 25, 2018   |  Updated: April 26, 2018

How to get ready to buy a home

Fannie Mae programs for underserved homebuyers
By Neil Pierson, Ask a Lender, April 16, 2018

Fannie Mae has home mortgage loan programs for first-time homebuyers, millennial borrowers with student loans and underserved people with lower credit scores.