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Victor Whitman is chief reporter at Scotsman Guide Media and a contributor for Ask a Lender. He has been covering the commercial and residential mortgage industry since early 2015. Prior to Scotsman Guide, Whitman worked for daily newspapers in upstate New York, Texas, Alabama and Arkansas.

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According to a new study by Trulia, prospective home shoppers in a few expensive American cities don’t have so obvious a choice between buying and renting anymore.

The U.S. and China are edging toward a trade war. The Trump Administration also has imposed tariffs on products from Canada, Mexico and the European Union. Housing economists spoke with Ask a Lender about how this will impact American homebuyers.

Should homebuyers be worried about a recession?
July 3, 2018
  |   Updated: July 3, 2018

The rate on 10-year Treasury bonds has been stagnant, indicating investors fear the economy is slowing, while the rate on 2-year bonds has been increasing. If the 10-year rate should fall below the 2-year rate, it could indicate a recession is looming.

Home construction has lagged behind the level needed for a healthy stock of homes for sale, creating a deficit of up to 5 million units. Recent increases in new construction should help unlock the housing market over the next two years.

Home renovation specialists doing fix-and-flips are having trouble finding investment properties they can flip successfully. Many are turning to tear downs where they buy old homes, demo them and build new houses on the newly vacant property.

Regulatory relief bill may open doors at small banks
June 6, 2018
  |   Updated: June 8, 2018

The Regulatory relief bill signed by President Trump may not ease loan qualifying standards for borrowers, but it may open the door for community banks and credit unions to originate more home mortgage loans.

Housing experts believe mortgage rates will top 5 percent by year’s end. Still considered low by historic averages, interest rates are rising and are not expected to come back down. Find out the effect that rising rates will have on homebuyers.

Read the latest news on jumbo loans, which are becoming increasingly necessary for home purchases in high-priced U.S. cities. Luckily, for consumers, down payments on these extra-large home mortgages are decreasing.

A home equity line of credit (HELOCs) could be a borrower’s best options for tapping into the equity built up in their home. With interest rates rising, second mortgages and cash-out refinances are becoming less desirable.

A lack of affordable housing near city centers is sending homebuyers farther into the suburbs to make home purchases in their price range. A similar suburban migration preceded the end of the last housing bubble.