What is Ask a Lender?

Our Story

Ask a Lender is created by the owners of Scotsman Guide Media Inc. — an award-winning media company located near Seattle, in Bothell, Washington.

The owners, (pictured, from left to right) Kevin Britton-Simmons, Todd Britton-Simmons and Brian B. Simmons, are no strangers to the lender-matching game. For decades, the three brothers have worked in their family business, Scotsman Guide Media Inc., which publishes two monthly, national business-to-business magazines and provides online lender-search resources that connect mortgage brokers with wholesale lenders nationwide.

In 2014 the brothers recognized a gap — and an opportunity — in the consumer mortgage-lending market. Existing lead-generation models seemed to restrict borrowers’ access to lenders and loan information, which meant more profits for lead generators, but fewer loan options for borrowers. It was time to disrupt that environment and empower people to connect with lenders directly, while protecting their personal data and loan information. Hence, the idea behind Ask a Lender was born.

The brothers and a team of hand-picked staff members developed a brand-new, powerful lender-matching technology to help people find a lender for almost any loan scenario. Ask a Lender leveraged Scotsman Guide Media’s existing vast network of residential and commercial mortgage lenders and built new connections with lenders across various loan types.

Ask a Lender was introduced with its full-fledged search engine, Find a Lender, in November 2017.

How Ask a Lender Works

Ask a Lender is your online platform to search for loans, connect with lenders and get financial information. With Ask a Lender, you keep your personal data safe and your lending options open. Ask a Lender is fast, easy and powerful — it’s the way to Borrow Wisely®

Ask a Lender allows you to view lenders and their contact information without disclosing any of your personal information or registering for an account. You’ll never get unsolicited calls or emails — you’ll hear only from lenders you’ve selected.

Ask a Lender also empowers borrowers to Borrow Wisely® through a vast catalog of editorial content, including carefully researched articles written by our team of staff writers, and blog posts written by industry experts.


Search to find your lender matches.


Contact your best lender matches to compare offers.


Review your loan offers and Borrow Wisely®.


Borrow Wisely®

Borrow Wisely is Ask a Lender’s tagline and registered mark. It sums up what Ask a Lender offers: an opportunity for people to make informed borrowing decisions through: 1) shopping their loans and getting the best rates and terms, and 2) researching the loans that they are considering and getting objective advice.

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